When family food businesses work

August 1, 2014

The Frattarolis at one of their enterprises, the restaurant Lucia; (from left) Donato Frattaroli Jr., his uncle Filippo, his father, Donato, his brother Gianni, his grandfather Arturo, and cousin Philip, Filippo’s son.

“Maybe I need a psychiatrist,” says Donato Frattaroli, scion of the North End family behind Artu, Ducali, Filippo, Lucia, and Ward 8. “But there’s never been a day that I’ve said, ‘I need to go to work.’ When you’re with family, it’s not ‘work,’ ” he says.

At least that’s true when a family business runs well, especially a restaurant business. After all, says Frattaroli, “Restaurants are where we meet our friends, where the kids go when they’re home from college, where we have a drink and talk.”