Turkey Is Coming – Arby’s Casts Smoked Turkey Legs Upon the Kingdom

August 23, 2017

Atlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Arby’s is getting medieval with its latest menu offering.  Behold the Smoked Turkey Leg, available at Arby’s restaurants in nine regions throughout our kingdom beginning Sunday, August 27.

Arby’s Smoked Turkey Leg is seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked and then slow-roasted to perfection.  It’s fit for a king or queen, yet available to anyone in the following lands for a limited time:

Fargo, ND: a frigid land in the north with ruthless winters and relentless snowfall. (1117 38th St NW – Fargo, ND 58102) Los Angeles, CA: a western land known for its bountiful amount