Trendystia Introduces ConciergeVertical to Boost Foodservice Purveyor Marketing, Engagement

February 18, 2016

National restaurant consultancy based in D.C. adds marketing solutions, business services and trade-show support for purveyors and technologists

Washington, DC  (  Trendystia MRC has introduced the ConciergeVertical Labs solution for the benefit of emerging and established foodservice purveyors and technology vendors. ConciergeVertical™ provides content management, business support services, trade show marketing & administrative support, and as an idea vertical [lab]. When industry purveyors want to sell, engage audiences and retain customers, they’ll look to ConciergeVertical ( for improved success rates.

“ConciergeVertical is an effective solution when foodservice purveyors and technologists want to connect the dots between their products and…