This NYC Joint is Making the Chicken Finger Mighty Again

May 11, 2017

With four units and counting, Sticky’s Finger Joint is ready to share its unconventional take on an American classic with everybody.
Sticky’s Finger Joint is ready to share its concept with the masses.
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Jon Sherman and Sticky’s Finger Joint take the chicken finger to the next level.
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Fresh off quitting his hedge fund job, Jon Sherman piled into the car with his food distributor and headed to the Restaurant Depot. Sherman was soon, literally, comparing apples to apples, and picking up a 50-pound case of potatoes that looked all too familiar. “My jaw dropped,” he says.

Sherman was paying double, in some cases more, for the same products flowing into his New York City fast casual, Sticky’s Finger Joint. It wasn’t the easiest or most enjoyable field trip he’s taken, but it might have been the one that saved his concept’s life.

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