This is the best pizza in America

June 30, 2015

Think of this as a love letter to all that is best about our favorite food. Bon Apetit’s Andrew Knowlton believes America is in the midst of a pizza Renaissance. He watched Philadelphia pizzaiolo Joe Beddia perform his craft at his restaurant, Pizzeria Beddia, making, says Knowlton, “the best pizza in America.”    

We meet Beddia at 9 a.m.combining organic flour, yeast, water, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and sugar to make the flour for his crust. In 36 hours, it will be baked into bubbly charred perfection. Knowlton describes Pizzeria Beddia as a “beautiful experience that still haunts him.”  Beddia says he spends half his day making his dough because “A great dough makes…