The Camera Culture and Restaurants: Tips to Make Your Plates Picture-Worthy

August 14, 2014

In today’s digital, social and image-sharing culture, it’s never been more crucial to make sure that the dishes coming out of your restaurant’s kitchen are picture-worthy.

For example of what not to do, Pete Wells, restaurant critic for The New York Times, recently published a column, Your Eyes are Happier Than Your Stomach: Dishes Worthy of Instagram, but Not Your Appetite, sharing a photo of an unattractive trout dish from M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City, NY which drew fierce online criticism after posting.

Here’s a fact. Some 200 million active monthly users post 60 million photos to Instagram per day. So with popular social media tools for taking and sharing images like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, there’s a very likely chance your guests are taking and posting photos of the food that they eat in your restaurant.