The 12 Hottest New Restaurants in Mexico City

May 12, 2017

Where to find Oaxacan cuisine, Michoacan gazpacho, and more in Mexico’s capital city

Today, Eater heads to Mexico City to take a look at 12 buzzy spots from the past year. For this installment, food and travel writer Natalia de la Rosa has offered her picks for the hottest drinking and dining her city has to offer.

Locals in Mexico’s capital are flocking to Enrique Olvera’s newly-reopened Pujol, a place serving Mexican-style ramen (Caldos Ánimo), a chef’s take on Oaxacan cuisine (Alam Méndez’s Pasillo de Humo), and a 12-seat Japanese bar (Le Tachinomi Desu).

Here now, and in geographical order,