Ring in 2017 at D.C.’s Hottest Restaurants

January 26, 2017

Ring in 2017 at D.C.’s Hottest Restaurants

Happy new year! Forget resolutions like dieting, going to the gym, or getting more sleep. Your resolution for 2017 should be to explore Washington, D.C.’s best designed eateries, because you don’t want to miss these exciting venues.

David Shove-Brown and David Tracz of D.C.-based //3877, responsible for designing many of D.C.’s acclaimed eateries, like Momofuku, 3 Stars Brewery, and Glen’s Garden Market, can draw on their professional experience to share what 2017 has in store.

Momofuku CCDC:

The //3877 team worked with support from DesignAgency to create a space that is simple,