Restaurants Cutting Number of Menu Items

August 25, 2014

While some restaurants still think bigger is better, the newest trend in the industry involves shrinking instead. Many establishments are aiming to shrink their menus for the upcoming season instead of adding more and more. This is a major break from tradition for big chains that have spent the last few years stuffing as much as possible into their menus.

The changes are driven by updated consumer demands that call for higher quality over a wider range of items. By tightening up their menus, many companies choose to focus on cutting costs while improving quality by simplifying their kitchens and processes. Focusing on just a few top options provides more consistent results because the crew doesn’t need to spread their attention over a menu with 200 items instead of only 50 or 60.

Millennials are motivating these changes with their demand for customized dishes instead of hundreds of distinct options. Customizable foods take less work and give the customers a better experience without requiring the kitchen to add more equipment or a major addition of ingredients. Some chains are shrinking down to brand new menus with only 30 items or less in order to give plenty of attention to each option.