‘Plain’ rice is the perfect palette for a world of flavor

December 14, 2016

1. Onigiri by Shuai Wang, chef/co-owner, Short Grain, Charleston, S.C.

“Untraditional Japanese” is the tagline of Shuai Wang’s Charleston, S.C., food truck, and rice is the ingredient that binds all the wide-ranging, fearless flavors together. There are “O.G.” chirashi bowls with puffed rice, Japanese fried chicken with sushi rice and lemon mayo and also these adorable triangular rice ball snacks, known as onigiri. “Ours are typically stuffed with some kind of local market fish, spicy mayo, a little ponzu and pickled ginger,” Wang says.

2. Carolina Gold by Brian Fisher, chef, Entente, Chicago

Carolina Gold rice is a cornerstone of