Pinot Meunier, the Next Big Movement in Champagne

October 21, 2016

“Twenty, 30 years ago, everyone was speaking about Champagne as a blend[ed] wine,” says Jérôme Dehours of Champagne Dehours & Fils. But today, more producers are relying on a single grape variety to make distinct bottlings. And one may surprise you: Pinot Meunier.

Though Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are by far the best-known wine grapes in Champagne, Pinot Meunier is well represented in the vineyards. It accounts for 32 percent of plantings in Champagne, slightly more than Chardonnay (30 percent), but less than Pinot Noir (38 percent).

Especially prevalent in the Marne Valley, “Meunier is the identity of the region