Pei Wei Opens First Restaurant in South Korea

September 16, 2016

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The menu items that Pei Wei is introducing are the same as items popular in the U.S., including its signature Lo Mein and Quinoa & Fire Chicken.
The company is planning to open 10 more Pei Wei locations.
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Pei Wei Asian Diner opened its first Asia location in South Korea by launching its brand at Starfield Hanam, the country’s largest shopping mall.

Pei Wei is partnering in South Korea with ELX Food & Beverage, led by Chef Mr. Justin Choi. Choi will supervise the brand in the market and Pei Wei will offer its characteristic scratch and open kitchen, which allows customers to enjoy dishes made from the freshest ingredients as well as a glance into the cooking process that includes the quintessential Chinese Wok as the cooking method.