Outback Steakhouse’s Cheese Fry-Topped Bloomin’ Onion Can Smell Your Fear

June 15, 2016

Since when are cheese fries a garnish?

In an effort to out-do even the most over-the-top food items on the market (we’re looking at you, Whopperito) Outback Steakhouse has unveiled its latest creation: a Bloomin’ Onion topped with loaded cheese fries.

The gigantic, deep-fried mound of onions is already pretty fattening: The original Bloomin’ Onion contains 155 grams of fat — more than double the upper-end limit of the suggested daily intake for a human — and 1,954 calories, according to Outback’s website. But thanks to its recent makeover which includes bacon, spicy ranch dressing, cheese, and fried potatoes, the “Loaded Bloom”…