New Restaurant Trends Include Transparency in Design

August 26, 2014

With foodies flocking to the restaurants willing to offer them a trendy experience, many smaller restaurants are going broke trying to keep up with the changes. However, there is a range of real and trendy updates an establishment can make to catch the eye of foodies without chasing short-lived trends that become old news after a few months.

Transparency is a long term trend that is easy for most locations to implement. For many restaurants, this kind of change means adding windows to the front so potential diners walking by can get a peek of what to expect before they go in. Open dining rooms are still popular too, as long as individual diners still get some privacy by well-spaced tables and booths. Open kitchens seem kitchsy, but they’re still as popular today as they were in the 1980s.

Many restaurants also take a page out of the European design book. Separate rooms for dessert are becoming hot across the country after a theme commonly found in Asia and Europe. The small plate trend is also continuing, which only takes an investment in new tableware and some re-imagining in the kitchen. Customers respond immediately to small changes for the better.