Must-see videos: IHOP touts Springtime pancakes

April 25, 2017

IHOP’s  menu includes a taste of the season with Blackberry Cheesecake, Strawberry & Cream, and Sweet Peach Praline pancakes. Burger King’s Steakhouse King sandwich includes a quarter-pound of beef, bacon, steakhouse sauce, and crispy onions. Episode five of Taco Bell’s “For Here or To Go” offers two ways to hack Cinnabon Delights. Panera Bread offers clean salads. 20 gurus of the grill from each of Five Guy’s five regions are a step closer to $50,000.

IHOP touts Springtime pancakes

Burger King touts Steakhouse King sandwich

Taco Bell hacks Cinnabon Delights

Panera Bread’s salads are ‘so much more than green’

Five Guys Games: