McDonald’s in tussle with junk food image

August 19, 2014

At a dinner McDonald’s hosted for reporters and bloggers, waiters served cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs using ingredients from the chain’s menu.

A Kung Pao chicken appetizer was made with Chicken McNuggets doused in sweet and sour sauce and garnished with parsley. Slow-cooked beef was served with gnocchi fashioned out of McDonald’s french fries and a fruit sauce from its smoothie mix.

The event in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood was billed ‘‘A transforming dining experience of ‘fast food’ to ‘good food served fast.’ ’’

The dishes aren’t intended for McDonald’s restaurants. Instead, the evening is part of a campaign by McDonald’s to shake its reputation for serving cheap, unhealthful food. At a time when Americans are paying closer attention to what they eat, the company is trying to sway public opinion.