Mamma Mia! Pie Five Pizza Unveils Another Delicioso Masterpiece – The Meatball Ricotta Pie

September 2, 2014

When the time came to create his latest limited-time sensation, Pie Five Pizza Chef Andy Wittman turned to a true Renaissance man – his beloved and slightly cantankerous great-uncle Luigi.

Luigi, you see, is a true Italian, with tomato sauce coursing through his veins. So when Andy and Uncle Luigi decided to collaborate, the results were molto buona!

Today, Pie Five introduces their Meatball Ricotta Pie, a masterful combination of smoked provolone and mozzarella blend, zesty, all-natural and organic marinara sauce, topped with hand-pinched ricotta cheese and authentic Italian style meatballs and fresh, hand-cut red and green peppers. It’s the perfect blend of authentic Italian fixings that would make the Godfather himself beg for seconds.