L.A. Pizza Society’s “Shindigs” are all-you-can-eat adult pizza parties

June 26, 2015

The L.A. Pizza Society is a group of pizza lovers who are showcasing the underappreciated Los Angeles pizza scene with all-you-can-eat pizza parties at restaurants like DeSano, Olio, Sotto and Prufrock, a trendy pizza joint attached to The Regent downtown. Prufrock’s size makes it the biggest shindig yet.  

LAweekly.com talked to the outfit’s founder Mike Metz, a TV writer who blogs under the name Unemployed Eater. Metz credits the idea to stage adult pizza parties to the deluge of queries he received about where his readers could get the best pizza in the L.A. area. The answer, he says, is all over the place, despite the city’s less-than-stellar pizza…