KFC Trolls ‘Clean-Eating’ Bloggers in New Ad Campaign

February 23, 2017

Meet Figgy Poppelton-Rice, a blogger who is better than you

KFC, the company that forged the Double Down out of a cauldron of blubber and fire, is lampooning healthy-living bloggers and their followers with a hilarious new ad campaign in the UK. Please meet Figgy Poppleton-Rice, a “clean-eating fanatic” and “cauliflower connoisseur” who shares her impossibly easy healthy recipes and life hacks on Twitter, Instagram, and her blog. Here are a few of her recent hits:

My dairy alternative milkshake brings all the boys to the yard #CleanEating #Diva #DairyFree #Wellness pic.twitter.com/5y3xN0uKSD

— Figgy Poppleton-Rice (@figgypop_rice) February 21,