Indiana Based Restaurant to Break Guinness Book of World Records with Largest Calzone Ever Created

August 6, 2014

In 2003, Mike Wilson and his fellow employees of the Loveshack restaurant in West Lafayette, Indiana made history after they served the largest calzone ever at nearly 70 pounds. The Italian baked treat measured 9 feet and 4 inches long, and was approximately 22 inches wide setting a new Guinness World Record. “When we established that record it was mostly a way for us to demonstrate what a calzone actually is because a lot of people in the MidWest may not be sure quite what it is or how it differentiates from a Stromboli,” explained Mike Wilson, Founder of Loveshack and current Guiness World Record holder.

On Saturday, August 9th history will be tested. Middlebury, Indiana based Rulli’s Italian Restaurant will attempt to break Wilson’s 11-year-standing record as they play host to a fundraising event for the Boys and Girls Club of Middlebury and serve a massive calzone to those that attend the event.