Holiday Coquito Cocktail Recipes

December 24, 2016

Holiday Coquito Cocktail Recipes from The Condado Plaza Hilton

Add a tropical twist to this season’s holiday entertaining by serving Coquitos, rich and creamy eggnog-like cocktails traditionally served in Puerto Rico.

Although the Coquito is generally made with rum, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk and spices including vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, The Condado Plaza Hilton‘s Executive Chef Maria Germania has created tropical versions using flavors including Guava and Pistachio. Recipes for those, as well as Traditional and Chocolate, are below so that everyone may enjoy a taste of Puerto Rico this holiday season.

Guava Coquito

½ cup Guava paste
½ cup Evaporated milk
1 cup Coconut milk
¼ cup Sweetened condensed milk