Fireball Is Insanely Popular; Millennials Prefer Bourbon Over Vodka

August 24, 2015

Plus, beer college and the price of German beer.

— America loves its Fireball: According to user data compiled by the BARTRENDr social drinking app, the cinnamon-flavored whiskey adored by sorority girls everywhere ranked as either the first- or second-favorite liquor of 15 U.S. states. At least it’s not Jagermeister?

— Those darned millennials are turning up their noses at vodka in favor of a more hipster-friendly spirit: bourbon. From 2010 to 2014, vodka consumption went down by 2 percent while “whiskey sales rose 2.7 percent, and American bourbon and Tennessee whiskey both climbed nearly 17 percent.” Sadly, there’s no data…