Fall Seasonal Beers Underperform According to Study

November 17, 2015

GuestMetrics, which collects check-level data from the point-of-sales systems of 10,000 restaurants & bars, found that seasonal craft beers failed to deliver this fall.

Some other findings were:

Share changes between alcohol beverage categories: The Spirits unit share of alcohol gains increased from 0.9 percent year-to-date (TYD) to 1.7 percent over the last four weeks. Beer unit share was down 1.2 percent during the latest four weeks (weakening from down 0.9 percentYTD). Wine share was down 0.4 percent (vs. flat YTD).  

Total Alcohol: Total alcohol units sold were down 4.3 percent during the four weeks (vs. down 2.9 percent YTD). Total…