Delmonico Steakhouse Launches Handcrafted Cocktail Menu

September 21, 2015

Delmonico Steakhouse lead mixologist Juyoung Kang unveiled her new specialty cocktail menu featuring 13 handcrafted cocktails. The new menu pays respect to cocktail classics like the Old Fashioned and the Grasshopper while incorporating forward-thinking specialties with house-made creations such as Earl Grey honey syrup and pineapple and dill gum syrup.

Cocktail menu highlights include The Bourbon Trail (Buffalo Trace bourbon, Benedictine, coffee liqueur, orange peel), Dorian Gray (Black Grouse Scotch, lemon juice, Earl Grey honey syrup, micro flower), The Bronte Sisters (Absolut Elyx vodka, PX sherry, lemon juice, strawberry syrup, thyme, mint sprig, and berries) and Piccadilly Circus (Opihr Oriental…