Cheetos Chicken Fries & Winning Burgers

September 12, 2016

Burger King treats its menu like a Lego set, combining and recombining pieces to make new or sort-of-new items. Whopper + burrito = Whopperito. Whopper + hot dog = Whopper Dog. Chicken Fries + hot dog = Chicken Fries Dog (tested only). Cheetos + mac ‘n cheese = Mac ‘n Cheetos.

So it’s only right that Burger King now crosses Cheetos with Chicken Fries to create, yes, Cheetos Chicken Fries. They’re white-meat chicken Chicken Fries covered with a crispy Cheetos-flavored breading. Cheetos Chicken Fries are a limited-time offer priced at $2.89 for a nine-piece order.


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