Burgers’ Lenten Hibernation is Over

March 30, 2016

Put away those noxious cod sandwiches, burgers and bacon and fun are back. It started with the red-bun Angriest Whopper at Burger King, the Buttery Steak Burger and Steakzilla! at Checkers/Rally’s and the return of the Jalapeňo Fresco Spicy Chicken at Wendy’s, all of which were reported here yesterday. Add in Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Midnight Moonshine Burger, too.

And now, before the funky-bun bandwagon can head out of town, Red Robin is jumping on. On April 4 it introduces a Red Ramen Burger, a beef burger on a ramen bun (which it claims to be the first casual-dining chain to feature).…