Ask a Somm: What Kind of Wine Pairs With Holiday Desserts?

November 25, 2015

For anyone with a sweet tooth.

Welcome to Ask a Somm, a column in which experts from across the country answer questions about wine.

Restaurateur Stephane Bombet and Francois Renaud, the team behind Los Angeles’ Frenchie-California Terrine, last month debuted their second effort, Viviane, with culinary efforts helmed by former Faith & Flower chef Michael Hung. Set within Beverly Hills’ Avalon Hotel, Renaud here too oversees all beverage operations and, unsurprisingly, his wine list leans heavy on California and France. Just like Hung’s seasonal eats. Below, Renaud discusses drinks to pair with holiday-appropriate sweets.

Q: What kind of wine is best to pair with holiday desserts?