Are Food Trucks Eating Restaurant Profits?

August 20, 2014

Tensions are rising between brick and mortar restaurant owners and food truck creators, with the former claiming the later is taking away their business. With 300 cities welcoming roving food providers with open arms, there are now over 4,000 trucks serving up everything from freshly made sushi to deep fried treats on sticks. However, backlash is also starting to grow in most of these cities.

Traditional restaurants from D.C. to Texas are reporting survival is getting even harder for them in an already challenging industry. Most are seeing the biggest hits in the lunch hours, when food trucks hit the streets to get closer to hungry workers. Some trucks even park right in front of restaurant locations to capture traffic before ti gets to their doors.

Some cities aren’t gung-ho about the food trucks themselves either. Major metropolitan areas like Chicago are enacting bans to keep them away from other restaurants, while concerns about public safety and economic impact plagues city council discussions in other parts of the country. Many well-established restaurants join in on the trend by opening up their own mobile food truck units instead of fighting against them. Only time will tell which cities decide to ban them and which keep them around for good.