10 Clever Hacks for Boosting Bar Business

August 25, 2014

Whether your bar is thriving, on shaky ground or somewhere in between, every bar owner is constantly on the lookout for new tricks and strategies to improve their business. Here are 10 clever hacks to boost your bar business 365 days a year.

1)  Offer daily drink specials:

Your guests want to save money on their entertainment, and the more they save, the more they’ll come back into your bar. Don’t make your customers wait until the weekend or a holiday to take advantage of drink specials. Offer them daily. With the right discounting strategy, regular specials won’t cut into your profits.

2)  Feature nightly entertainment:

Whether it’s a live band, special DJ or live trivia events, offering nightly entertainment will give your customers something regular to look forward to in your bar.